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8 Graphic Design Certification Programs You Must Know About

Graphic design has become one of the most creative job roles in the creative world. From newspaper articles to digital media, the demand for graphic designers has always been high. If you are interested in getting into a certification program without any prior experience, you are always welcome in the discipline of design. This blog gives you information regarding all such certification programs.

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic design is a distinguished discipline of art where students learn to project visual and textual illustrations in order to communicate with the masses through their designs. It is a form of applied art and an interdisciplinary branch of fine arts and design that is also one of the highly-sought professions in the creative line.

Is Graphic Design Worth Your Time?

Of course, it is! Industries like entertainment, movies, television, gaming, and, most importantly, advertisement are actively recruiting skilled graphic designers to pace up their companies to stay relevant in the new era. Anything you see on a magazine page, in digital media, or in your daily newspaper has the touch of a graphic designer. If you are interested in design and want to pursue your passion and earn from it, you can enroll in different graphic design certification programs,online or offline.

A typical offline course in graphic design takes four years to complete a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university. If you want to go further, a master’s degree for two years is awaiting you. However, the best graphic design colleges around the world offer online courses. If you want to upgrade your CV for better opportunities, you can consider these online programs that last for a few weeks or months.

What are the 8 Graphic Design Certification Programs?

You can get a crash course in the following programs:

graphic design certification programs

  • Adobe Certified Associate(ACA)  If you have the Adobe Certified Associate certification, it shows you have entry-level design skills. This certificate is an industry-recognized credential. However, there are several other certifications included in this program. Each program specializes in different software applications. If you have this certificate, that means you have knowledge of some basic principles of design.
  • Specialization in Graphic Design – This program is the best option for you if you want to learn fundamental graphic design skills. If you are a newbie in the design line but are keen to start a new journey, graphic design specialization will help you, as you do not need any prior experience or qualification to get into it. However, it is always advantageous for you to know some basic software applications before enrolling in this program.
  • UI/UX Design – If you are more into application design or web development, a UI/UX design crash course is the best pick for your new journey. This program strictly revolves around the content that teaches learners a design-centric approach to user experience design. You will learn all the contents of UI/UX development programs, including complete user research, strategy defining, and even wireframe development. Prior experience is not mandatory in this program.
  • Professional UX Design –  This certification is much more professional than the above one. If you want to land a job in a reputed company as a UX designer, this certificate will surely help you. You will learn all the entry-level skills of UX designing, including the software applications required for UX designers.
  • Specialization in Graphic Design for Non-Designers – Even if you are from a non-designing background, you do not need to think much before enrolling in this certification program. It is specially designed for learners like you. You will learn the history of graphic design, its basic principles, and concepts like alignment, balance, proximity, and contrast. Moreover, you learn using popular graphic design tools so that you can easily blend into an inclusive team of professional designers.
  • Certificate in Graphic Design – This one is a typical graphic design certification program where you learn about graphic design basics, like different elements, typography, and brand design. The relevant industry also approves this certification, and you get familiarized with some industry-standard applications.
  • Certificate in Professional Graphic Design – If you want a more professionally strong certification program for graphic design, you learn from the basic to the advanced level. It will help grow your portfolio and even allow you to work with professionals. A certificate in professional graphic design allows you to grow exponentially in your career.
  • Certificate in Graphic and Digital Design – This program is a mixture of graphic design and digital art. You must pick up this certification course if you are interested in both. The best graphic design colleges offer all the detailed courses in graphic design and digital art, including color theory, typography, digital imaging, communication and promotional design, and digital graphics.


In short, even if you have no design experience, your knack for design learning will help you enroll in these programs.

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