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Know Everything About 2D and 3D Animation At The Best Animation Course In Kolkata

If you too wish to create lovable and popular characters like Tom and Jerry or Thomas the Train Engine, today we are going to tell you how to go about it. You see, all cartoons are made using a special technology known as Animation. Animation technology refers to the art of providing the illusion of movement by recording different movements and playing them rapidly.

So, for all you budding artists and creators out there, we are going to be looking today at the best animation training institute in Kolkata, where you can apply for the most effective and comprehensive 2D or 3D Animation in Kolkata. So, without any more interruptions, let’s get on with it!

Animation Techniques: A Change In Methods And Use

The earliest animation techniques involved stop-motion animation, where physical models of characters would be crafted by hand. Even the background and sets would have to be made in a miniaturized version. After that, the characters would be moved and made to interact with each other, which would be recorded. After editing out the stops in the process and playing the recording at a high speed, an animated movie would be visible.

With modern technology, however, this process has changed vastly. Today, all animated characters are rendered digitally with modern computers, using the latest software platforms for video and movie editing. However, one needs to be trained by skilled professionals to learn to use these platforms effectively. This is why students who wish to become future animators must learn the best 3D or 2D animation course in Kolkata to become proficient. Let’s know more about this!

What Are 2D and 3D Animation?

Put simply, 2D and 3D Animation refers to the dimensional complexity of the animated production. While 2D Animation is simpler, 3D Animation is a lot more complex. As we all know, the real world, as we see it, exists in 3D, whereas something like a newspaper exists in 2D. Thus, 3D Animation looks a lot more realistic and helps to project the image much better.

On the other hand, creating 3D Animation is a lot more complex, requiring more advanced technology and a higher number of processes. 2D Animation is performed by showing multiple hand-drawn static images in quick succession, thus creating the illusion of movement. It works just like stop-motion animation or a flipbook. Since it is much easier to compile, most cartoons that run on a daily basis are rendered in 2D. It is cost-effective and less time-consuming. Legendary cartoon characters like Donald Duck and Tom and Jerry were all rendered in 2D for this reason.

What Are The Differences Between 2D and 3D Animation?

Let us now take a look at some of the fundamental differences between 2D and 3D Animation:

  • Depth of Perspective

In terms of perspective depth, 2D Animation does not possess any perspective depth since there is no scope for it. There are no 3D surfaces on which to create them. However, 3D Animation has the possibility of creating depth and perspective in the characters, as the entire world is rendered in 3 dimensions. Thus, a 3D animated character will have multiple perspectives which can be viewed on the screen, whereas a 2D character will only have a singular anterior perspective.

  • Colour Gradient and Variety

In terms of colour palettes and gradients, 3D Animation takes the cake by a mile. It is not possible to introduce a lot of tonal variety in 2D Animation, whereas, in 3D Animation, a lot more colour variety can be incorporated. This is because 2D animated images are flat and static, disallowing any light play or shadow generation. In the case of 3D Animation, these elements can be explored, providing animators with a lot more creative space to play with.

  • Textures and Lighting

Textures refer to what it means. However, in the world of Animation, it means actual recreation of those textures found in the real world. 3D animators have to incorporate textures into their creations for them to look and behave as if they were real. This is an important aspect of 3D Animation that is absent in 2D. In 2D, due to the images being flat, there is no room for the introduction of textures, which makes the characters look cartoonish, for lack of a better word. With 3D Animation, artists even take actual photographs of relevant textures, for instance, human skin or tree leaves, and recreate them for higher impact.


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