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How To Choose The Right VFX Animation Training Institute?

So your teenager wants to do a VFX animation course in Kolkata and wants to pursue a career in animation. As a worried parent, you must be thinking about how to choose the right VFX training institute in Kolkata when you are not well-informed about this new field. Even if you are a student, you may get confused about the claims made by several institutes. Well, you can brush off all your confusion here.

What is VFX Animation?

VFX is the abbreviation for visual effects. It is a complex art form where an artist creates computer-generated imagery to give the director’s fantasy a visual and real-life presentation. A visual effect artist works for different digital media, especially animated movies. You must have watched the Marvel movie series, the Harry Potter series, and many other movies where imaginary characters contribute to the real-life footage.

Therefore, your favorite superhero movie is just a bland animation project without the touch of visual effects. The key role of a visual effects artist is to create unique and alluring effects in traditional animation. These artists understand the theme of the animation project and ensure that the visual effects remain consistent throughout the result. Furthermore, the gaming industry also looks for highly skilled visual effects artists to spice up their game’s visual effects to engage gamers more in their applications.

What are the Crucial Points to Check Before Choosing the Right Institute?

Since visual effects contribute significantly to the entertainment industry, the relevant artists must be highly qualified. Only a good institute can give its students the best training and make them capable of creating magic on the screen. It is indeed a challenging task to choose the right institute. You must make a basic outline and search following the outline. Here are some key points that you must not ignore:

Courses Offered

The first and foremost thing to check in any institute is their VFX animation coursesIf you are in Kolkata, it is better to get admission in Kolkata to interact with faculty in your language to understand complex things better. However, different training institutes offer different courses to their students. Though the VFX animation courses in Kolkata are similar, the content density differs from one institute to another. Therefore, choose the course that covers the major areas of your preferences.

Right Level

It is equally crucial to check your level before enrolling in a VFX training institute in Kolkata. Each training institute has different courses covering the beginner to the advanced level. You should be aware of your level so that when you start your course, you do not find it difficult to catch on the previous level skills. Therefore, if you know nothing about VFX, you must start at the beginner’s level to get an idea of the course. However, if you already have some experience in this field, you may start with the level.


After being confident about your course preferences and level, you must consider only the best teachers for polishing your skills. Search for skilled professionals who have years of experience in visual effects. A good faculty must have worked on different projects in the digital industry. You cannot risk your valuable time in any random institute with some inexperienced faculty.


Infrastructure plays a crucial role in shaping the skills of every visual effect artist. A reputed VFX training institute in Kolkata must have proper infrastructure backed with all the latest equipment. While you start from scratch, you must be allowed to learn the latest skills in visual effects within your course. Good infrastructure helps students in their effective learning of the course. Moreover, the institute must have a good network among leading production houses so that the students can work on different field projects and get better work exposure.

Positive Feedback

Student feedback is one of the pillars of a training institute. Visit their website and read the student reviews. An honest student review is the authentic report card of an institute’s overall performance, including its courses, faculty, training programs, opportunities and infrastructure, and student benefits. You can also contact previous students personally to get a better idea.

Course Fee

The fee for VFX animation courses in Kolkata is not very low. While you learn the most sought-after skills in the animation world, you must pay a considerable amount to a reputed VFX Animation Institute. However, you must not go beyond your budget. Compare different institutes and their fee structure. Check which institute is offering the maximum coverage and also have better faculty. Moreover, please consider the discount facilities during the admission process.


In short, conduct thorough research on every training institution offering VFX animation courses. You must finalize your dream institute after clarifying all the above-said details to pursue your dream career.

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