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Which is Better As A Career – 2D Animation Or 3D Animation?

Today, we will be diving into the colorful world of Animation and getting to know a bit about 2D Animation and 3D Animation and which would make a better career choice. While they are two separate genres of the animation industry, this article is not to say that any of them is inferior to the other. No, not at all!

This article analyzes the merits of both types of Animation and a comparative study of the prospects that lie ahead. However, Aspiring animation artists should remember that whether they wish to go for 2D Animation or 3D, both require specialized training from the top animation institutes in Kolkata and India. We will get to that in a bit. For now, keep reading!

How Are 2D and 3D Animation Different?

In simple terms, the fundamental difference between the two lies in the dimensions in which both operate. As their names suggest, one works in two sizes and the other in three. 2D animation works on only the x-axis and y-axis, while 3D Animation works on the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. Both have their merits and demerits. Let us take a look:

  • Character Building

In terms of character building, the two couldn’t be more different from the other. 2D Animation is generally hand-drawn and given the requisite form and aesthetics, while 3D Animation is always performed digitally due to the complexity that three-dimensional artworks require.

Thus, while 2D animations are often moved by stop-motion technique, rendering the illusion of movement, 3D animated characters are given direction on digital software platforms designed to facilitate the functionalities effortlessly.

  • World-Creation

There is a lesser scope for expansive world-building in 2D. However, there are video games that have done just that. However, that does not compare to the vast landscapes that can be rendered in 3D. 3D Animation is at an advantage due to its digital prowess. After the assets are created digitally, they can be replicated infinitely to create vast gaming and video worlds. However, since 2D Animation is rendered manually, this is tedious to perform.

  • Colors and Textures

This is one area where 3D Animation completely outshines 2D Animation. 2D Animation is generally flat and bare, so there is little room for animators to use vibrant colors. Moreover, there are no shadow effects when Animation is rendered in 2D. However, in 3D, advanced polygon technology helps to map skin surfaces much better and use those textures in characters and world elements.

So, those were some of the differences between the two. Next, we will look at some career prospects for both of them. However, whether it is 2D or 3D Animation, learning it from a reputed animation training institute is paramount for a promising career!

What Are The Prospects For 2D Animation?

While it may seem that 3D Animation is the better half of the two, there are several utilities for 2D Animation across the internet and social media. Let us take a look:

  • Social Media Content

With the boom in social media channels over the last decade, there is a high demand for talented animators who can work in 2D. This is because rendering in 3D is expensive and time-consuming. For shows that run daily, rendering all their animations in 3D would be detrimental to their deadlines and overall productivity. This is why most YouTube channels that use Animation do so in 2D.

  • TV and Cartoon Shows

Cartoons are typically associated with 2D Animation, as this is just relatable. Most cartoons evolved from comic books, which are a two-dimensional communication medium. Thus, children are naturally drawn to cartoons in 2D format, as it is much more familiar. Even Japanese anime shows, which take their roots from manga, follow the same, for the same reasons. Moreover, it is more cost-effective to produce cartoons with a limited audience in 2D format.

These are two of the most popular and profitable choices. However, many more, such as print industries, magazines, advertising agencies, comic book producers, and indie game producers, are highly required for 2D animation artists.

What Are The Prospects Of 3D Animation?

Since 3D Animation is typically more expensive and time-consuming, the economics of it makes sense to be used in large-scale projects. These include:

  • Movies and TV Shows

Movies and TV shows are gravitating increasingly towards VFX, special effects, and CGI to improve the feel and look of their video productions. 3D animators do all of this work, since the produced image must match the actual movie, which is shot in 3D format.

  • Video Games and ESports

The video game industry is booming and expected to go only higher. Thus, video game production houses always need talented 3D animators and game developers who have solid knowledge and work experience in major video animation software modules.

Apart from these, 3D animators can also work in almost any industry that requires graphic design skills. This includes advertising, print media and animated movies.


Those were some possible career choices that animation design students could make. If you wish to get into one of the top animation institutes in India, give George Animatrix School of Animation a call and set your career for life!

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