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Rulers of this world

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Antimatrix contains a large collection of information on NWO related issues. Most of the books represent the most valuable and authoritative research on these issues.

Some of the material is of a mind-shattering grade as it shows who in reality rules the world, programs and zombifies your minds, who are the actual terrorists, and the nature of the "hidden hand", controlling the world governments and guiding them with not so gentle hand towards the establishment of a two class society, where most of the plain people are nothing more than serfs, just as Nicholas Rockefeller classified them.

Not many even realise what kind of destiny is prepared for them, not even knowing they are "lead to slaughter" and total submission to the satanic agenda of the most profound evil there is, there was or even possible in principle.

On the other hand, there is this "elite", ruling your lives, commanding your minds, and zombifying you from any place you look, morning to night, whose primary interest is the utmost evil and the insatiable parasitism, domination, most horrendous violence, never ending wars and revolutions, genocide and extermination of entire nations, and the utmost disgust created by "the hidden hand" of this so called elite.

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