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George Animatrix school of Animation is one the premier Institutes for education in Animation , VFX, Web Graphic Design, Photography Course . The academy started its journey as an educational centre in 2013. Since its commencement, the animation institute in Kolkata has created talented people to meet the ever increasing requirements in the Animation industry. The Institute is armed with highly trained and certified professionals from the Industry to provide high-grade education to students.

About George Animatrix

To provide the best talent to the animation industry and establish India as a resource for global animation and VFX industry.


Our prime mission as the best animation school in Kolkata is to deliver education that can act as a foundation for a bright career.



George Animatrix Training Process

Creating an animation character is a very tough job, a great deal of mastery is involved in every way while creating a complete animation character. To master the skill, inordinate effort and well-designed training program is required. At Animatrix school of Animation the students, under-go vibrant training sessions. The academy conducts training on advanced diploma in multimedia and animation, web design courses and dual certificate courses. George Animatrix aspirants learn through the internship process that allows them to gain an experience of a real-life production process. Students get the opportunity to explore their talent through such training sessions.
The course content is updated from time to time in accordance with the national and international standard of the industry. In order to motivate students and augment the knowledge of real-life production need, the Institute always introduces experienced personalities in the classroom.



  • Classes are held from Monday to Friday between 10.00 AM - 06.00 PM
  • Class duration for each class is 2 hours. 3 Days in a Week
  • There is 30 minutes complimentary lunch break in between 2 segments.
  • There is 30 minutes complimentary lunch break in between 2 segments.
  • Apart from regular classes there is industry meet sessions organized. During these sessions the students have the chance to meet with the industry professionals.
  • Experts from VFX-Graphics-Animation industry conducts workshops.
George Animatrix  Training Schedule


The curriculum is the essence of any educational process, without a curriculum, it is hard to perceive any enlightening endeavour. In a genuine sense, it is a pathway towards a goal. George Animatrix, while keeping this concept in mind has designed its curriculum. It focuses mainly on the art, craft and business of storytelling.

Students opting for any particular field, need to cover all the other aspects of digital filmmaking and digital arts. In order to improve the knowledge and skill, the aspirants need to go through both theoretical and practical knowledge sessions at each step. To facilitate students enjoy the real-life experience of production, the academy has got up-to-date projection system rooms, post-production labs, production space and animation labs.

In addition to this, the institute is constantly upgrading its curriculum and career development program, to help students get prepared to face the challenging needs of the industry.

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