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Promising Job Roles Available for Animators in 2023

So your teenager has been asking you to get them admitted to a 2d animation course in Kolkata. They said that they want to try something new. Animation is their passion. As a worried parent, you must be thinking what are the promising roles that can be prosperous for your children’s bright future. Even if you are a teenager who is a newbie, you must be confused about the future prospectus of animators. Well, you can brush off all your confusion here.

The animation industry has been growing exponentially in the last few years. With the advancement of science and technology, everything has been digitalized. Animators are in high demand in various industries that use digital media in their everyday performance. Industries like television, entertainment, advertisement, and especially gaming industries are actively recruiting skilled animation professionals in their companies. This blog aims to give a detailed explanation of future job opportunities for aspiring animators.

What is animation?

Animation is a complex form of creative art where an animator creates an illusion of movement by repeating a series of still images or drawings. You may be unaware of the term ‘animation’ but must have watched it. Digital media run on the principle of animation. Television shows, videos, games, and all the other forms of digital media use animation as the critical factor.

An animator typically learns about different types of animation processes, and it has been a popular career option in recent years. Youngsters who want to pursue creative careers ahead in life take animation as their passion and profession. You can notice many young people prefer a 2D animation course in Kolkata rather than any other technical courses. Not only 2D but also 3D animation in Kolkata has become popular among students of different backgrounds.

Job Roles Available for Animators

If the course is getting so popular, what is the basis of this popularity? The answer is pretty simple. An animator can turn their passion for creativity into their profession and enjoy a lucrative package. Let us briefly tour the different job roles of an animator.

Animation Director

One of the best jobs for an experienced animator is the role of an animation director. An animation director leads the entire animation team and takes care of the project from beginning to completion. A director must have a deep knowledge of animation principles. Moreover, they must be comfortable working with various software and hardware. Of course, the job ensures a lucrative annual package.

2D/3D Animator

If you are an expert in 2D and 3D animation skills, then the job of a 2D/3D animator is perfect for you. A 2D/3D animator creates high-quality animation projects that include everything from simple movements to complex scenes. You must have noticed animated cartoons in your childhood. Behind every animation show, there are several teams of skilled animators. They are well-trained to work under different situations with both hardware and software.

Character Animator

One of the most lucrative jobs for an animator has to be the role of a character animator. While 2D/3D animators create complex movements, character animators make the animated characters believable. They perceive the project’s conditions and criteria and enforce characters’ expressions in that animated project. Therefore, an animation team must have a character animator along with a 2D/3D animator.

Visual Effects Artist

Your favorite superhero movie is just a bland animation project without the touch of visual effects. The key role of a visual effects artist is to create unique and alluring effects in traditional animation. These artists understand the theme of the animation project and ensure that the visual effects remain consistent throughout the result. A good movie often lacks audience praise due to poor visual effects. Therefore, to make an animation project of a high standard, the effort of a visual artist is optimum.

Motion Graphics Artist

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A motion graphics artist is the one-person army of digital media. They work with animation, audio, and visual effects to give life to illustrations and graphics in digital media like movies, shows, and many more. An experienced motion graphics artist has to have a deep understanding of different animation skills and an excellent eye for observing surroundings. Only a good artist can incorporate real-life surroundings in an animated world and make it believable to the audience.


Wrapping up, the size of the traditional job market is getting squeezed day by day. As the number of young job seekers is increasing, the competition is getting high. Hence, employers look forward to hiring candidates with specialized skills in different platforms. With the digitalization of media, recruiters look forward to candidates with animation skills. If you do not want to fall behind the rat race, enroll yourself in a course for 3d animation in Kolkata. Moreover, if your kid wants to follow their passion for creativity, animation is one of the paths to follow.


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